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Michael Blumberg, MBA

Michael Blumberg, MBA

President | Blumberg Advisory Group

Michael R. Blumberg is an expert on the the design, execution, management and coordination of Aftermarket Service operations within in a wide array of industry segments, including, but not limited to, building products, industrial automation, information technology, office automation, medical electronics, material handling equipment, consumer electronics, appliances, etc. Mr. Blumberg is an innovative business executive with an unequaled background in Aftermarket Services and Reverse Logistics. He is talented at analyzing current capabilities and market needs leading to the development of realistic strategies for business expansion into previously un-charted territory. He also excels at managing internal systems and processes so that they operate at an optimal level of productivity and efficiency and align toward the needs of the external market.  Mr. Blumberg is currently the President of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc., 

Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc., is generally recognized as one of the major consulting firms in the United States specializing in the overall direction, planning, management, and control of Reverse Logistics, Aftermarket Service, product support and Warranty Management , serving clients in a broad variety of markets, including consumer electronics, household appliances, building materials, data processing, office automation, transportation, telecommunications, medical technology, process control and plant automation and systems integration engineering. Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc. carries out a full range of strategic planning studies, mergers & acquisitions, market research assessment, economic and cost analyses, and productivity improvement programs for most of the major firms in the Reverse Logistics, Aftermarket Service and Warranty Management market technology industry.  

Mr. Michael Blumberg is personally responsible for work content of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc.  He is also responsible for client management, practice development, engagement sales and delivery.  As President of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc., he currently acts or has acted as a consultant or advisor on the subject of Service Lifecycle Management (e.g., Dynamic Scheduling, Knowledge Management, Parts Management, Warranty Management, etc.)  to over 100 companies in the United States and Europe, including but not limited to:  Microsoft, AMP, N.E.W., Liquidity Services, Inc., Nokia, Carrier, Trojan Technologies, NAACO, General Motors, Eastman Kodak, AGFA, ABB, General Electric,  IBM, Motorola, Invensys, Oxford Instruments, Snap-On Tools, Siemens, Baxter Health Care, Johnson & Johnson, and Xerox. He has extensive experience in the development of organic and acquisitive growth strategies within the Reverse Logistics & Aftermarket Service Industry for client organizations such as Avnet, Ryder, E-Waste Systems, Inc. and The Gores Group.  

Mr. Blumberg’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree received in 1986 from Temple University in Political Science with a specialization in Economics, a Master of Business Administration degree with a major in marketing, received in 1991 from Temple University. Mr. Blumberg has over 15 years of experience in strategic planning, market research, benchmarking, enterprise systems design, and management of product support operations in the information technology, medical electronics, building controls, office automation, and telecommunications industry.

Mr. Blumberg has directed over 150 major market research studies to investigate industry best practices, performance standards, benchmarks and approaches for warranty management, field service management, service parts management, product support, customer service, liquidation, and reverse logistics & returns management. This has included many studies in the information technology, material handling, office automation, building products, medical technology, process control and plant automation, factory floor automation, and network service markets. Mr. Blumberg is also a consultant to many leading suppliers and developers of Service Lifecycle Management applications and related solutions, such as Service Power, SAP, Metrix-IFS, CSDP Corp., FedEx, PTC, Choice Logistics, etc.  As a result, Mr. Blumberg has developed a substantial knowledge base on systemic and procedural approaches to Aftermarket Service, Reverse Logistics, Field Service, Returns Management, and Warranty Management.  He has also carried out more than 150 studies involving customer satisfaction and market wants and needs with respect to Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), as well as competitive assessment studies with respect to SLM features, benefits, and prices. In addition he advises manufacturers, distributors, and third party service providers on the optimal strategies, tactics, and approaches for Reverse Logistics and Aftermarket Service including working on several acquisition transactions on behalf of client organizations. 

Mr. Blumberg currently is former member of the Service Industry Association’s Board of Directors. He is also a past member of the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA), and previously served on RLAs’ Board of Advisors. 

Mr. Blumberg has established himself as an Aftermarket Service Industry thought leader and writes extensively on the subject of best practices, systems state of the art, and service performance metrics. He has been a major speaker at many professional service organization conventions and conferences, including the conventions of the Association for Service Management International, Reverse Logistics Association, Service Industry Association, Worldwide Business Research (WBR),  IPQC, the National Association of Service Managers, and the, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). He has published over 100 blogs, articles and white papers on the subjects of business practices, industry standards, market trends & opportunities, and competition on the subject of Reverse Logistics, Warranty Management, and Field Service.. These have been published in a wide range of journals and magazines, including the Reverse Logistics MagazineJournal of the Association of Field Service ManagersThe S-Business Journal, Customer Support Management Magazine, IT Service News, and Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology Magazine.  

“I’ve attended the WCM Conference in years past and look forward to participating in it again this year.  The conference offers an excellent venue to learn and share best practices associated with all aspects of the warranty value chain, from claims administration to claims processing and everything in between, including compliance, finance, risk management, and service delivery, as well as the technology utilized to manage these functions.  The speakers are experts in their field and sure to inform, educate, and inspire the attendees.”
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