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Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts

Customer Solutions Leader | Trane Technologies

As Customer Solutions Leader with Thermo King, Bob has responsibilities over Warranty, Technical Service, Publications, Customer Service and Vendor Recovery. He has worked at Trane Technologies for 21+ years, most recently 9+ years with Thermo King and before that 11 Years with Trane Commercial.  As leader of Customer Solutions, Bob leads the strategic direction of Warranty, Technical Service, Publications, Customer Service and Vendor Recovery at Thermo King.  Alongside the Warranty team, Bob has led the integration of the fraudulent claims detection module into the warranty management system at Thermo King.  

By fully integrating the claim detection module into our warranty management system and claims processing standard work Thermo King has seen a significant reduction in suspect activity and subsequent reduction in overall warranty spend.  Thermo King has also fully integrated the claim analytic module in our dealer audit selection and claim review process.  This has led to a more focused review of claims during dealer audits.  More than anything, the claim detection module has allowed us to better understand our dealer claim filing patterns and trends which has led to us writing more effective system rules to prevent suspect activity before it occurs which has created a more robust warranty management system for our organization.

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August 31, 2021
9:05 AM - 10:05 AM (PT)

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