Preventing Fraud in the Warranty Process

May 16
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Mario Franzone
IBM Systems

As Warranty chains have become more self-service oriented and complex, it makes them more vulnerable to fraud and/or unentitled usage.  The Systems Group at IBM implemented a process and set of tools to help prevent fraud in its Warranty Chain when parts are dispatched directly to customer site for customers that have “self-service” support options.  This talk will explore what was implemented and how. A big part of our approach was to make the process very seamless and invisible to the customer and require minimal effort on the part of IBM support people involved in the process. This talk will focus on how we did that.  In addition, we will cover some of the benefits seen and lessons learned. If you are concerned about fraud in the Warranty Chain and are interested in approaches to preventing it, this talk will give a good overview of one approach.