The Warranty Chain Management Conference is essential for Executives, VPs, senior managers and senior contributors in the warranty and service contract fields, no matter what industry or what discipline you belong to. In particular, the WCM conference directly relates to the following people:

  • CEOs who are interested in reducing their warranty costs.
  • CFOs and financial managers who want to learn more on accrual and warranty reporting.
  • Warranty Managers who manage any part of the Warranty Chain and want to learn best practices in comparable and other industries.
  • Quality Managers who recognize that reducing the cost of warranty to their company is a key part of their value proposition
  • Ops Managers who want to learn how to identify and manage the product generation and product support processes.
  • Services and Call Center Managers who want to learn about the drivers of their support costs and how to identify and manage the upstream processes that impact their costs.
  • Marketing Managers who want to learn how to establish an effective warranty policy and how to use warranty as a competitive advantage.
  • Product Generation Managers who want to understand and learn how to trade-off the role that product attributes, such as quality, reliability, supportability, usability and diagnosis have on the warranty cost envelope.
  • Customer Experience Managers who want learn how processes such as customer self-repair and web-based support tools are impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Supply Chain and Contracts Managers who want to understand the implications of effectively specifying and contracting suppliers, to minimize their company’s exposure to downstream warranty cost risks by managing dynamics such as Supplier Cost Recovery and inventory management.
  • IT Managers who are responsible for implementing cross- company warranty processes.
  • Managers of security and legal departments who want to understand the potential exposure of their company to warranty fraud and methods to tackle the issues.
  • Consultants and tool vendors who want to understand the challenges facing their customers in establishing effective holistic Warranty Chain Management processes.
  • Training organizations that want to understand the complexities of developing WCM training packages.

Your Warranty Team should attend the Warranty Chain Management Conference if:


  • You agree that successful warranty processes within your organization would help improve the company’s bottom-line profitability.
  • You believe that effective warranty management is a multi-industry challenge.
  • You agree that successful best practice warranty processes can be applicable across multiple companies and multiple industries.
  • You agree that at some level within your organization, your team’s success is linked with developing effective WCM key processes.