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Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney

Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney

Decorated Combat Pilot Turned Fortune 50 Exec | Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a way to inspire and encourage your team and teach them how to excel under pressure while achieving exceptional results?

Kevin Sweeney is the only person to successfully land a KC-135, the military version of the Boeing 707 four engine jet, after two of the four engines were ripped completely off the airplane during a night combat mission in the Gulf War.  

A captivating storyteller and inspirational icon, Kevin shares a wealth of experience about the tools necessary for excelling when the heat is on!

Kevin reveals how to have:

  • Exceptional results when the heat is On
  • Confidence and performance under pressure
  • Decisive and effective leadership
  • Courage to overcome obstacles as they arise and excel
  • Cohesive teamwork to utilize the strengths of each person in the group
  • The ability to become the teammate your clients, customers, and colleagues covet
  • Precise communications and the ability to follow directions with exactness

He adapts his presentations to match the needs of your audience, and each person will walk away with a renewed hope and increased motivation to be a decisive leader.  He teaches audiences how to be the “go-to” person in the organization, so that they can become the teammate their customers, clients, and colleagues covet!

Experience highlights:

  • Experienced Fortune 50 Executive
  • Combat pilot decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Military leader in combat conditions
  • 1st Team All-Conference collegiate athlete and teammate
  • Education includes two Bachelor’s degrees and an MBA
  • Author of two books
  • Business school university instructor
  • Current President of the 501(c)(3) charity, Honoring Our Wounded Military, Inc. The charity of 100% volunteers has donated more than $1,300,000 to wounded veteran charities.
  • Proud Grandpa five times

Kevin inspires audiences with his unique insights into leadership, teamwork, and how to position yourself to perform under pressure.  Many speakers just talk about principles, but Kevin has personally experienced and been through the things he talks about.

He has been a requested guest on over 450 radio stations in the United States and Canada.  He spent 23 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard, attaining the rank of Lt. Colonel.  The story of his combat mission team was featured in Reader’s Digest, and the story was also shared on the A&E channel titled “Wings Over the Gulf.”


Evening Keynote Address: Pressure Cooker Confidence

August 31
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (PT)

Learn why the hard work you do before hand matters more than the work you do when the pressure is on. Complimentary book signing to follow. More Info

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