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Samantha Horton

Samantha Horton

Senior Business Analyst | Tavant

Sam is an appreciative and continual student of the manufacturing and warranty industry. She continually dives into a vast array of projects, each of which requires her to understand complex business processes, identifying business, user concerns, and resolving them. To do this, she is often researching manufacturing industry techniques and completing Salesforce related training to realize all possible solutions with high customer satisfaction. Samantha has an innate capability to relate and communicate with both technical and business-related professions. 

Before joining Tavant, she worked with a manufacturing company to develop a more seamless warranty process that would help ease user effort and save on warranty reserves. In her free time, she enjoys voluntarily leading yoga classes in her community and walking her dogs. At Tavant, she continues to provide forward-thinking warranty solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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September 1, 2021
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