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Aleem Lakhani

Aleem Lakhani

Executive Vice President | AmTrust North America

Aleem Lakhani is EVP at AmTrust North America, Specialty Risk Solutions Division. He joined AmTrust in 2003 and established the administrative practice for Extended Warranty. Pursuant to the acquisition of Warrantech, Aleem served as the COO and then Chief Innovation Officer. Today, Aleem is the account executive for Microsoft’s extended warranty program in more than 40 countries and responsible for strategy, innovation, and product developments in Specialty Risk focusing on smart devices in key emerging markets, including home, health and auto.

Prior to joining AmTrust, Aleem held executive management positions with other warranty companies specializing in system engineering, business process engineering and advanced business analytics. Aleem Lakhani holds advanced degrees and qualifications specializing in empirical methods, supply chain management, behavioral economics and law from McGill University, University of Michigan, MIT, Yale, Wharton and University of Toronto. His Masters in Law (LL.M) included specialization in Technology and Innovation Law. His focus includes data privacy, cybersecurity and blockchain. 


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